Magitenna, Multi-band Wire Antenna 40 - 6m


The Magitenna

The easy fix for limited space. Only 7.6m in length this wire antenna with the special matching unit will work on 40m to 6m with the internal ATU found in most modern radios and 80m & 60m with an external ATU. This antenna will handle 400W CW or 550W PEP.

If you want a covert antenna then fix it to the downpipe (plastic) from your guttering, or to a convenient tree you could even peg it to the washing line! Of course it could be mounted horizontally as a short wire or fixed in the loft. Going portable? Strap it to a fibre glass fishing pole and lean it against your tent/table or sling one end over a tree. The possibilities are endless. On the air with no added weight to carry - a real plug and play unit. A counterpoise or ground rod does help with the tuning but is not always necessary.

Also suitable for use on a marine HF setup - will tune on marine HF and MF bands and IP65 rated